VELUX Residential Skylights

Wisconsin Sunlight Solutions is a certified, professional installer of VELUX residential skylights. We are a VELUX 5-Star Skylight Specialist, which means our company has been certified by VELUX as one of their highest-quality providers of expert skylight installation and warranty services.

Did you know VELUX residential skylights can be configured to fit any lifestyle? Wisconsin Sunlight Solutions and VELUX offer a wide variety of custom-sized skylights, flashing options, privacy systems and one-touch controls to allow natural daylight to flow into any room of your home.

VELUX Solar Venting Skylight

Model VSS Solar Powered “Fresh Air” SKylight – Deck Mounted

Model VCS Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight – Curb Mounted

VELUX Manual Venting Skylights

Model VS Deck Mounted Skylight

Model VCM Curb Mounted Skylight

VELUX Fixed Skylights

Model FCM Curb Mounted Skylight

Model FS Deck Mounted Skylight

VELUX Blinds

VELUX Blinds and Window Treaments

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